4th km of Attiki Odos, Thorikos-Lavrio, P.C. 19500

Who We Are


Sotiria Pitsikali

She was first engaged in this field in 2004, having collaborated with a number of established boat manufacturers/technicians, undertaking many repairs/reconstructions of boats up to 55 feet long.
Today she is called the “Salvation” of their boats, after her name in Greek, since she and her team manage a large number of boats daily...

Giannis Pitsikalis

Graduate engineer for outboard boat motors. He has been working with boats since he was 14 years old. He is mainly engaged in the sale of boats, since he performs their technical inspection before their sale himself.


Company Profile

Pitsikali Lavrio Marine started its business in the field of pleasure boat parking, maintenance and sales 14 years ago, when in 2006 Sotiria Pitsikali, a young girl full of dreams and goals, decided that “we ourselves can determine the future, as long we have faith in us...”. Having gained her experience in similar businesses, she used her privately-owned family land at the 4th km of Athens-Lavrio Avenue and embarked on her journey, initially making 17 customers follow her vision and determination and entrust her with their property. With the support of her younger brother, Giannis, she decided to reciprocate the trust of her first customers and do anything possible to provide them with comprehensive, innovative and unique services in this field.

With positive thinking, hard work, the persistence of youth and the hope for a better future, the two siblings lived up to the expectations of renowned customers who demanded effective support services on a daily basis, thus transforming a world full of organisational responsibilities, security standards and demanding tasks into an environment of relaxation, fun and carefreeness.

Despite the various adversities, the two siblings continued to work tirelessly and constantly, achieving small and progressively larger goals step by step, building up modern facilities of high technical specifications in an ergonomical workplace, and –most importantly– setting up a team of experienced associates, suppliers, engineers, maintenance workers and other technicians thereby meeting all maintenance, service and optimisation needs of pleasure boats.

With a view to adaptability, we developed our way of operation with the guidance of our customers, who became our companions based on our many years of mutual trust.

Our Company still maintains and follows the same principles which led us here. If you select our Company and our services for your pleasure boat, you will acknowledge our values which are oriented towards securing your property, always respecting the way and time you have decided to unwind at sea.

Pitsikali Lavrio Marine was founded in 2006 by Sotiria Pitsikali on privately-owned property. Her first customers believed in her and trusted a young girl with their assets, following her goals and dream that “we ourselves can determine the future, as long we have faith in us...”.

Contact Us

4th km of Attiki Odos, Thorikos-Lavrio,
P.C. 19500
P: (+30) 22920.27622
M: (+30) 699.85.68.677
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening Hours:

March – October: Mon. - Sun. 07:00 am - 09:00 pm
November – February: Mon. - Sun. 09:00 am - 05:00 pm


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